The Science and Technology Policy Center for Development (STPCD) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes science and technology policies in developing nations. Our mission is to help developing nations address and achieve sustained economic growth by providing

  1. Education and awareness of science and technology policies—for example, in emerging technologies, cybersecurity, Internet, and patent rights—to relevant stakeholders in developing countries, including government agencies, private enterprises, research and nonprofit organizations, policymakers, and individuals;
  2. Practical guidance and assistance to relevant stakeholders in developing countries with crafting and implementing robust, comprehensive policies that promote science and technology innovation, deployment, and use; and
  3. Developing countries and stakeholders with accurate, relevant, and timely science and technology innovation policy advice based on independent and rigorous research and analysis.

To successfully accomplish its mission, STPCD offers a broad range of expertise, skills, and experience in different science and technology policy areas.